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How to use the PRINCE headphones


Slide the headband through the headpadding

Slide the metal headband through the headpadding, until the headpadding is positioned in the middle of the headband.


Attach the earpaddings to the sound boxes

This might need some force, but afterwards both modules align perfectly. The arrows on the soundbox provide guidance in which direction to use.


Mount the sound boxes on the headband using the screw knobs

Make sure the sound box is in the upright position, with the remote control buttons facing down.


Connect the cables from the headband to the sound boxes

They are connected properly when you hear them click. (Don’t be too careful. it might take a bit of force to connect them well).

Volume +

Single touch : Volume up

Press 2 sec : Skip song

ANC Button

Single touch : Turn on ANC + switch between ambient mode/ANC

Press 2 sec : Turn off ANC

Volume -

Single touch : Volume down

Press 2 sec : Previous song

Bluetooth button

Press 2 sec : Turn on PRINCE

Press 5 sec : Turn on PRINCE – pairing mode

Press 3 sec : Turn off

Single touch : Play/Pause song & Answer/End call


What's in the box

2 ear cushions

2 soundboxes

1 head cushion
1 headband
2 knobs

1 3.5mm mini-jack

1 USB-C cable

getting started

Turn the headphones on by pressing the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds. Your headphones will automatically connect to the device i was paired to previously. Turn the Prince off by pressing the Bluetooth button for 3 seconds again.

Press and hold the Bluetooth button for 5 seconds. The headphones will tell you it’s pairing. The headphones will be named ‘RP Prince’. Once successful, you’ll hear a ‘dong’, confirming the connection.

The PRINCE can be paired with two devices simultaneously. Connect your PRINCE to your first device. After connecting, deactivate Bluetooth on your first device, PRINCE will move to pairing mode. Now connect your PRINCE to your second device. Turn on the Bluetooth on your first device again and your PRINCE will automatically reconnect.

By pressing the ANC button once, Active Noise Cancelling is activated. You’ll hear “noise cancelling” and the LED right beside the button will now glow green.

Ambient Mode lets your surroundings in, as if you’re not wearing headphones at all. Convenient when in traffic, or while making a phonecall. Enable ambient by pressing the ANC button again, after activating the ANC. You’ll now hear “ambient” and the LED will glow white.

To turn off the ANC and Ambient, keep pressing the ANC button for 2 seconds. The LED will turn off as well. This is recommended to preserve battery life.

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