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Give discounts to your friends and get gifts

Give 10% discount, Get your CUSTOM HEADBAND

Welcome to the club! You can now give your friends the comfort of Unlimited repairs. With your personal code they can get a discount of 10% on all models. Quid pro quo; as a thank you, you will receive a bodyguard, or a custom headband with your name/logo engraved!

Yes, the referral code is valid on all our models. The Day, Boss and Prince.

No, you can’t use the referral code with the same bankaccount. This to prevent that the promotion is being misused.

Yes! Your roommate, brother, sister, parents can use your referral code. 

After one successful referral you get to choose between a Bodyguard protecting case or a custom branded headband. You get to decide what you want engraved on your headband. This could be a logo, your favorite line of your favorite song, your name, you name it. Need help? We got you!