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Music revolution, on Gerrard Street


In 1895, the world's very first headphones were launched in London; the Electrophone. Fun detail, these headphones were not for sale. The deal was as follows: for £5 a year, users could dial in to opera houses and music halls to enjoy music at home.

A revolution in the music world was born; suddenly music became accessible even to those who could not attend the concerts. A popular place to listen to the Electrophone was in a suite located on Gerrard Street, which also housed the service's back office.

As true music lovers, we think it's time to revive this service. And with top-quality headphones for just €7.5 a month! Because what a shame it is to listen to all that wonderful music we have at our fingertips these days with crappy earbuds.



Gerrard Street in London anno 1959