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It is an all-too-familiar problem in the modern world: a device breaks down due to a minor fault, is unrepairable or expensive to repair and eventually ends up in the landfill. Whether it is a smartphone with a broken screen, a laptop with a non-rechargeable battery or headphones with a broken cable - the result is the same. The device is thrown away and a replacement is bought. This disposable culture has led to a huge amount of electronic waste, better known as E-waste.

Every year, more than 50 billion kilos of electronic waste ends up in landfills. And this figure is rising rapidly, as we buy more and more devices that we only use for a few years and then replace for a newer model. Predictions suggest that we will throw away 120 billion kilos of electronic devices every year by 2050. This huge mountain of waste is not only a serious environmental burden, but also a waste of valuable materials. In fact, many of these devices contain usable components and precious raw materials such as gold and silver. 


Many of us have headphones that have only one defective part where down it breaks - perhaps the cable is broken or one of the speakers no longer functions. Despite the rest of the headphones still being usable, the device is often replaced because the design does not allow individual parts to be replaced or repaired. These designs, aimed at making devices as small and compact as possible, prevent reuse and repair, despite increasing pressure from consumers and governments to increase such possibilities. The Right to Repair movement is a good example of this. 

When it comes to handling E-waste, the options are limited and often harmful to the environment. E-waste is often dumped, buried or 'thermally recycled' - a fancy term for incineration.

Sometimes, E-waste is even shipped illegally to Africa or Asia. Although exporting e-waste to developing countries is banned because the toxic chemicals in the devices cause pollution and health damage there, working devices are still shipped. Often, these devices arrive as useless waste, harming people and nature. Disposing of electronic devices not only damages the environment, but also the economy. Every year, €52 billion in value disappears into landfills and incinerators. That's three times the annual value of all processed silver! It is Time to change this, for the earth and for people.


Modular Headphones

At Repeat, we decided to break this trend. We have designed durable headphones with excellent sound quality, wonderful comfort and an unbeatable service: Free Repairs Forever. Which means you can always repair your headphones yourself! 

But how do we make our headphones durable, you might ask? Our headphones are designed so that when individual parts break, they can be replaced independently. So we have transformed normal headphones into modular headphones! This means you don't have to buy completely new headphones every time something breaks.

So we have created a sustainable design that is not only good for consumers' wallets , but also for our planet. 


We believe it should be possible to design devices that are long-lasting, easy to repair and less harmful to the environment. And all this without compromising on the quality of our modular headphones. As our customers can attest:  

We hope our sustainable headphones are a step in the right direction, reducing some of the problems of disposable culture. And best of all? Our parts are designed to be easily shipped and replaced through the post, making the process of repair and replacement even easier. 

Step up to sustainability and choose Repeat's repairable headphones.


All models come with a 30-day free trial. If you change your mind, just send them back to us. 

Want to try them out? Check out our    for the nearest location!

You can also buy our headphones without purchasing Free Repairs. All our spare parts are available separately in your account assigned when you purchase your headphones via our website. Want to buy the Free Repairs at a later date, or purchase them with an annual subscription? You can! Also only when you really need a repair.

Don't want to buy Free Repairs or don't want a year's subscription? Then you can buy the parts separately here! 

See below an overview of the cost of the individual parts.

Sound box (each)€35 (Day), €45 (Boss), €99 (Prince)
Ear cushion (each)€ 20,00
Pillow€ 20,00
Headband€ 10,00
Button€ 10,00
3.5mm cable€ 12,50
USB-C cable€ 12,50

Too good to be true? Yet the answer really is; yes. Even battery life is covered by your lifetime warranty! As a Repeat user, you can always order parts. And we pay the shipping costs, also for returns. We do always oblige you to return the broken parts again 🙂 . 

Finding it hard to choose and want all the features listed? Scroll down and check out the differences!

Do you have a subscription with us, and would you like to change your account number from which we debit? As this cannot be done manually at the moment, it has to be done this way:

Place a new order with your new account number, and we will send you a new account to replace your current one. Don't forget to inform us to cancel your old subscription. Could you use our help? Email, WhatsApp Or call us on 06-36444658!

Switching is possible if you still have a current subscription with us. If you bought headphones, you can't!

Via the returns page, you will find the steps to return the headphones. As soon as your headphones reach us, we'll cancel your subscription. And we'll make sure your headphones make someone else happy again! 

Then order your chosen model from our website. 

Have you been a customer for some time and are you curious about the possibilities of buying the headphones? Then contact us at the WhatsApp or e-mailWe are happy to help!

It's always a question of finding out exactly what's wrong with your headphones - it's a shame if you order the wrong part! We are happy to help you find out what the problem is. 

Now that you know which part is broken, order it in your account!

Have you already bought your Repeat headphones, but haven't taken out Free Repairs yet because you had to think about it for a while? Or because you wanted to wait until you really needed it? Then log into your account and add the Free Repairs to your headphones.

Don't have an account (yet)? Then you can order the Free Repairs via the following; is your model not listed, because you have a Gerrard Street model of headphones, for example? Then please contact

Choose your model:


Repeat BOSS

Repeat DAY

Don't want to buy Free Repairs or don't want a year's subscription? Then you can buy the parts separately here.

What a shame the headphones are not to your liking, but no problem! Via the returns page you will find the steps to return the headphones. As soon as we receive your headphones, we will refund the purchase price (if purchased 30 days ago - a few days later is no problem either). And we'll make sure your headphones will make someone else happy again!

What a pity you want to quit, obviously no hard feelings! 

Via the returns page, you will find the steps to return the headphones. As soon as your headphones reach us, we'll cancel your subscription. And we'll make sure your headphones make someone else happy again!

Need help with assembly? Click on your model below for the manual!

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? You can always emailcall us, send a message (0636444658) or chat on the website!