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€25 credit at Wilder Land

Wilder Land encourages Dutch farmers to sow (un)herbs on the edges of their fields and meadows after all. Half is harvested for tea, the rest is left for bees and butterflies. And the nice thing is: farmers receive compensation for allowing biodiversity. So it is increased in the Netherlands, the farmers have extra income and we drink tea from our own soil. A win-win situation, in other words.

€25 credit on Iron Roots

Iron Roots is a sportswear brand founded by three friends who were annoyed by the large amount of plastic used in the production of sportswear. All Iron Roots products are produced under fair working conditions in Europe.

GASSI & SAPPI 6 bottles

Cocoa farmers earn far too little. With Kumasi, they now earn extra income from something that normally goes to waste: delicious tropical cocoa fruit juice. In fact, only the cocoa bean is used to make chocolate. While the flesh around it is fruity and juicy; ideal for making a soft drink.

Mix pack chocolate makers

At Chocolatemakers, the taste of the bean is central. Everything we do revolves around creation of the best chocolate flavours. You can taste the sustainable and social choices we make. There is more time, attention and love in every step of the production process because we pay our farmers a fair price.