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Limited Metropole Orkest edition. Wired headphones that fire on all cylinders. For €119

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Wireless Headphones

Limited Metropole Orkest edition. Wired headphones that fire on all cylinders. For €119


High-resolution audio with meticulously fine-tuned dynamic drivers
Hands-free calling and voice assistant enabled

Super slick design

Comfort and modularity are what drives our design. All components can be easily assembled and replaced. Quality headphones that last a lifetime, for just €119.

Unlimited repairs forever

Had a little accident? No worries. Got some wear and tear? We've got your back. Simply order a replacement part for free via your account and it'll arrive the next day. Send us the old part back, and that's it. Free repairs forever, and ever, and ever and...

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Unbelievable comfort, all day long

With ear cushions made from soft artificial leather and memory foam, you'll never want to take your headphones off. Memory foam in headphones? That's right. For a long-lasting, pain-free fit.


Looking to geek out over the specs? Say no more:

  • 40mm, 32ohm mylar high-end speakers
  • Frequency range of 10hz - 20Khz
  • 93db or 1Khz sensitivity
  • Designed for mobile use

Support the Metropole Orchestra

We are extremely proud of the collaboration with the Metropole Orchestra and honoured that these top musicians have chosen for our headphones! When you purchase the PRINCE x MO headphones you support the orchestra, we donate 30% of the proceeds to the orchestra.

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What's in the box

2x ear cushions
2x soundboxes

1x head cushion

1x headband

2x knobs

1x 3.5mm mini-jack

Additional information

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