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€ 269


Active Noise Cancelling, Draadloos

€ 269

Exhilirating high-fidelity audio with aptX

Zero unwanted sounds with Active Noise Cancellation

40+ hours wireless with multiple devices

Hands-free calling and voice assistant enabled

Headphone Type: Over-Ear
Connection type: Wireless (bluetooth)
Sound box: Closed
Connection: 3.5mm Jack
Audio codec: apt-X
Bluetooth version: v5.0
Drive Type: Dynamic
Drive Size: 40mm diameter
Drive Impedance: 30 ohms
Frequency Range: 10Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity:  93dBSPL/mW
Battery life:  40 hours
Battery life with Noise Cancelling:  24 hours
Charging time (until fully full):  2 hours

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Zero Waste Heroes

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Bij Pieter Pot geloven we in samenwerking met andere impact-makers voor een duurzamere toekomst. Terwijl wij verpakkingsafval verminderen, bestrijdt Repeat elektronisch afval met modulaire koptelefoons en Free Repairs: gratis reparaties en hergebruik van de oude onderdelen. Samen lanceren we een limited edition Pieter Pot koptelefoon, voor een afval-vrije toekomst!

Trustpilot 5 canvas stars
to make a

The Prince is what you get when you dare to think big. Our goal: to create the ultimate headphones - without compromising on sound, looks and sustainability. And so make free repairs part of our promise. This called for a radical new design. The Prince is more than just headphones; it is a statement of innovation and vision.

fully modular

Stay Ahead
thanks to us

Each component of the Prince headphones is replaceable, which means you are never stuck with disposable products again. This is sustainability without compromising on style or quality. At Repeat, we believe you deserve the best, and our modular design helps you achieve that. Stay ahead, always.

Durable headphones from which all damages can be repaired

Zero Waste Hero

the greenest
audio brand
around the globe

Our answer to waste? Headphones designed for eternal life, with easily replaceable parts. And we give your old components a second life.


We are so committed to our quality and mission that we will give you Free Repairs offer. This is an extra service, which you can take out separately for your headphones - even after you have bought them. Your headphones will then always be repaired for free, no matter what. No excuses, no half-measures.



Dropped your headphones? It happens. Ear cushions a little worn? No stress. Simply log in to your account and order a replacement part. If you have a subscription or free repairs forever the spare parts are free.



Your new part will arrive the following working day. That’s usually less than a 24-hour wait.



Switch out the damaged part for the new one. Our headphones are made to be easily disassembled (it’s actually quite fun) but if you need help, just get in touch.



You’ll find a prepaid envelope along with the new part, so you can send the damaged part back to us free of charge.



The damaged part is checked to see if it can be lovingly repaired and reused in a new pair of headphones. If not, the materials are recycled.

Active Noise Cancellation
Rise above
the noise.
hear the future

With the Prince headphones Digital Active Noise Cancelling you can fully immerse yourself in your music and creativity, no matter where you are. No distractions, just pure sound. Live without noise and don't let anything interrupt your flow

Modular headphones

Unrivalled sound quality

a new
of sound

Our headphones offer sound quality that is second to none by professionals is trusted. Top musicians and producers, including the Metropole Orchestra and Wisseloord Studios, choose Repeat because of our crisp, powerful sound. Whether you're on stage or working in the studio, with Repeat you experience audio the way it's meant to be. Be the best, sound like a pro.

Also wired

Perfect for musicians and producers - our headphones can also be used wired. Always ready for your creative impulses. Let nothing limit you, unleash your potential.

and so on

Enjoy the power of the PRINCE in complete freedom; our battery goes easy 40 hours with you - or 22 hours if you enable noise-cancelling. Running out of battery anyway? After 5 minutes charging you can already 2 hours enjoy your headphones!


Thanks to Multipoint pairing, you switch effortlessly between your devices. So when a call comes in, the PRINCE automatically connects to the right device. Always connected, always ready.

Clear calls, Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you have an important call or a video call on the go, experience crystal-clear audio and unparalleled comfort. Thanks to the built-in microphone keep you focused and connected wherever you are.


All models come with a 30-day free trial. If you change your mind, just send them back to us. 

Want to try them out? Check out our    for the nearest location!

Too good to be true? Yet the answer really is; yes, if you Free Repairs close we fix all damages, no questions asked. As a Repeat user, you can always order parts. And we pay the shipping costs, also for returns. However, we always oblige you to return the broken parts 🙂 . 

You can also buy our headphones without purchasing Free Repairs. All our spare parts are available separately in your account assigned when you purchase your headphones via our website. Want to buy the Free Repairs at a later date, or purchase them with an annual subscription? You can! Also only when you really need a repair.

Don't want to buy Free Repairs or don't want a year's subscription? Then you can buy the parts separately here! 

See below an overview of the cost of the individual parts.

Sound box (each)€35 (Day), €45 (Boss), €99 (Prince)
Ear cushion (each)€ 20,00
Pillow€ 20,00
Headband€ 10,00
Button€ 10,00
3.5mm cable€ 12,50
USB-C cable€ 12,50

Finding it hard to choose and want all the features listed? Scroll down and check out the differences!

Need help with assembly? Click on your model below for the manual!

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? You can always emailcall us, send a message (0636444658) or chat on the website!

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