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Gaming headphones

gaming headset

Enjoy gaming headphones is indispensable when you and your friends goes gaming. Whether it is for Call of Duty, FIFA or any other game goes: ied every gamer knows how important a good gaming headphones is for the ultimate experience. But which one will you go for? The PRINCE headphones from Repeat is the perfect gamingheadphones. With topnotch sound quality, lifetime warranty and powerful noise cancelling enjoy gaming without ambient noise!


From headphones to gaming headset

The PRINCE headphones have a built-in microphone, but for the real gamers we have a special gaming microphone. This microphone attaches to your headphones in no time and that's it: your headphones have been transformed into true gaming headset.

The microphone has several options: you can put yourself on mute and adjust the volume. With the special background noise reduction the microphone ensures that you clear to understood are and your friends do not hear what is happening in the background.

BOSS perspective


The PRINCE is the ideal gaming headphones. It transforms not only easily to a headset with the gaming microphone, but can also be used for lots of other things besides.

With the most powerful noise cancellation of this moment, you can completely isolate yourself from your surroundings while gaming. Last but not least: you have lifetime free repairs. This way, we ensure that we waste less and thereby do our bit for the environment. Paddings worn out? Send it in! Had an accident? We'll fix it for you again. Find out more about the PRINCE and lifetime warranty.

Connecting headphones

The gaming headphones on your PlayStation or computer Connecting is heartbreakingly simple. Connect the supplied 3.5mm audio jack on your PlayStation and game on! Retrieved from pc you can use it wirelessly.

Are things not going as expected or do you have questions? We are always ready with our support. Of course, you can also ask all your questions before your purchase via the support option.



Had a little accident? No worries. Got some wear and tear? We’ve got your back. Simply order a replacement part for free via your account and it’ll arrive the next day. Send us the old part back, and that’s it. Free repairs forever, and ever, and ever and...