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Frequently asked questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions about our service. Is your question not here? You can always mail us at, call/ap (0636444658), or try the chat feature on the website!



With a subscription, you have the freedom to switch models and stop whenever you want! When you buy the headphones, you pay a one-off fee and they are all yours. In both cases you have the Free Repairs Forever!

This means we make sure your headphones last a lifetime. When you order a new part, we include a return envelope so you can send the broken parts back to us. Like it says: Free Repairs Forever 😉

Yes, you can test the headphones in the 30-day trial that you get when you purchase them. With a one month subscription, you can use the 1st month as a test month. If you like it, you can continue the subscription.

After you order your headphones, it takes 1-2 working days for them to arrive.

When you return a broken part, we always check first to see if we can repair it and reuse it. If it turns out that a part is beyond repair, it will be recycled. We never just throw anything away!

Switching to a different model is certainly possible in a subscription. This is also one of the advantages of a subscription. If you have bought a headset, this is not possible.

In your subscription, you can easily do that yourself via "my account". Switch to your new chosen model here. Here you can also switch your subscription from subscription to purchase.

It is always a question of finding out exactly what is wrong with your headphones, and it would be a shame to order the wrong part! Change your sound boxes on your pillow and make sure the cables are in place (click them in properly). Does another cable not recharge the battery? Does it turn on or not? If you are still in doubt and want to be sure, please contact us via the chat, app or e-mail.

The steps for cancelling your subscription can be found at here.

Is your question not listed here? You can always email us (, call/apply (0636444658), or contact us at chat on the website!

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May we briefly ask you a few questions? Fill in your details below and receive a voucher for 10% discount on all models as a thank you! *Discount is not applicable to collabs or accessories.