How to use the DAY headphones


Slide the headband through the headpadding

Slide the metal headband through the headpadding, until the headpadding is positioned in the middle of the headband.


Attach the earpaddings to the sound boxes

This might need some force, but afterwards both modules align perfectly. The arrows on the soundbox provide guidance in which direction to use.


Mount the sound boxes on the headband using the screw knobs

Make sure the sound box is in the upright position, with the remote control buttons facing down.


Connect the cables from the headband to the sound boxes

They are connected properly when you hear them click. (Don't be too careful. it might take a bit of force to connect them well).


Connect the side of the cable with the microphone to the headphones

The 3.5mm mini-jack can be connected to either soundbox (left or right)

What's in the box

2 ear cushions

2 sound boxes

1 head cushion
1 headband
2 knobs