two designers, rethinking electronics

After graduating as Industrial Designers at the TU Delft, Tom and Dorus went on to found Gerrard Street in order to change this industry.

After graduating as industrial designers from TU Delft, Tom and Dorus founded Gerrard Street to change this industry.

headphones sold
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Founded out of love for music

Besides design, the founders share a common passion: music. They listen to music all day, go to concerts whenever they can and both play in bands - Tom plays the saxophone and Dorus the keys. So headphones with audiophile sound quality are of course a must-have!

And although there are fine audio brands, one big frustration remained... headphones are usually impossible to repair if something breaks. Which, if you're often on the go, still happens.

amazing sound, unbeatable service

So, as true music lovers, they developed headphones with an amazing sound and unbeatable service; Unlimited Repairs Forever

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